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A leader in providing customized sales training solutions that get results.

If you are looking to ignite your sales, in any economy - then you have come to the right place!  Sales Pro® Professional Selling System will help you learn how to increase your sales.

The goal of sales training is to increase the performance of salespeople by closing more clients, closing larger accounts and building relationships with clients.

Sales Pro PSS is a consultative sales system. Consultative selling is about the dialogue between the salesperson and the customer. The word dialogue actually comes from two Greek words, dia, meaning “through,” and logos, most frequently but only roughly translated in English as “the meaning.” In consultative selling, the salesperson learns first about the needs of the customer before taking about his/her product.

Join us for sales training at one of our public sessions in Fort Myers, Florida. By attending this sales training program, you can learn principles and methodologies that will enable you to achieve outstanding and sustainable results within your organization.

We also offer inhouse customized programs, including sales training, cruise ship sales training, sales coach training, negotiation training, telephone sales training, prospecting training,  time and territory management training, customer service training, team building trainingleadership training and management training and many other solutions to your training needs.  Call us at 239-599-8408 or email us at

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With consultative selling, the customer’s needs come first. Needs are identified through a combination of preparation and effective probing and drilling-down into customer answers. Consultative Selling has taken the hard edge from product selling and replaced it with the strong but flexible edge that is custom fit to the customer’s needs.  Our consultative professional selling skills workshop teaches professionals to apply a proven, systematic relationship-building sales process so they can:

Engage more meaningfully in selling activities with prospects and clients.

Link their company’s offerings to clients’ strategic business problems and opportunities.

Establish their value over time to continually distinguish themselves and their companies from the competition.

In our professional selling skills workshop participants learn to consultatively move clients toward recognizing that they want what is being sold, need it above what the competition is offering, and are ready to move to buying now. They learn to powerfully present the unique value their product/solution will provide, and conduct sales interactions using a systematic process to improve outcomes and move the sales process forward in every interaction. Participants build on and apply these skills in a four-phase Sales Pro PSS process that helps them close more deals while reducing sales cycle time.

We also offer customized sales training and onsite sales training

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Jim Ullery has taught Professional Selling Skills PSS formerly Xerox Selling System for over 20 years.
He is a certified trainer.

Jim Ullery is a certified Professional Selling Skills PSS, formerly Xerox Selling System trainer.
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